When the time comes to build a new home, a second home or your very first custom home, there are a myriad of essential factors you should consider when looking for new home builders in Perth

You’ll want to have the assurance that the team of contractors you’re working with understands your vision, commits to the quality of your home and also has the expertise to build against the plans or the ideas you provide. 

If you’ve taken the time to research home concepts and ideas (whether it be watching Grand Designs or on Houzz, ArchDaily and other architectural websites) it’s highly likely that you’re going to want to work with a team who is capable of transforming your concept designs into a stunning reality.

Below we’ll take a look over the top three signs you should be looking for when choosing a custom home builder in Perth to ensure you’re getting the quality your renovation or new custom home truly deserves. 

1. Exclusive and Breathtaking Design Is Worth It

Of course, the cost will always be one part of the equation when it comes to building a home, but if you’re interested in finding new home builders in Perth that focus on longevity, exceptional quality and customisation, then it is truly not everything. 

It’s crucial to focus on searching for a builder that doesn’t bluntly showcase an ‘approximate price’, or price-based home builds. 


Because it’s an immediate sign that these companies aren’t quality-focused, but are instead keen on knocking out as many houses as fast as possible. These high volume and dollar focused companies construct hundreds of identical off-the-plan dwellings every year and, trust us, you’re more likely to find yourself working with a “shonky” builder if you focus solely on price. 

We suggest choosing to work with builders or Perth home renovation builders who value aesthetics, exclusivity and quality over volume and price. You’ll have unrestricted design input, and limitless say over design elements when working with custom builders, so even if a wall aquarium is on your wishlist, you’ll have no trouble getting it.

2. Practical Experience and a Diverse Portfolio

Far too many Perth residents looking to build their first, second or even third home in the city overlook their builder’s experience and portfolio. That’s why we believe diving into a builder’s website is essential. 

Take a look at more than just their fancy slogans, big claims and marketing imagery and delve into their project pictures, social media tags, as well as any word of mouth stories you hear. There’s a high chance someone you know, either at work or in personal circles has worked with a builder. 

A builder with a diverse portfolio will be capable of designing just about anything you have on your vision board, and with a long list of extremely satisfied previous clients under their belt, they’ll be able to specialise in custom builds, giving you the freedom to build your dream home without a hitch. 

One key aspect to look out for is how unique or ‘tailored’ each home is, or how exceptional it is in its own right. A genuinely custom-focused builder will rarely ever duplicate any section of a home, which means when it comes time for you to build your dream home with them, you’ll have the assurance that it is uniquely yours. 

3. Clientele Focused and Concept Comprehension

The third and final sign you should look for comes when it’s time to sit down with a builder and relay your vision or concepts to them. 

Don’t be afraid to provide documentation or links to websites, magazines and even your own designs as you’ll be able to use their response to these graphics to judge their experience and ability to comprehend your vision. 

A reliable and superior builder will have no issue looking into your concepts and vision boards to formulate an entirely custom design that meets all of your requirements. A  leading custom home builder will welcome this input and work to suit your needs. 

You want to expect that your new home builder in Perth is all-in on developing a home. Working with you to create something that’s unlike anything you or they have seen before. 

The Takeaway

As you can see from the signs we pointed out above, the most critical clues you should be on the lookout for is a commitment to quality, uniqueness and customer service. 

So if you’re looking for a new home builder in Perth find one with an incredible customer service team and a portfolio of high-quality homes. 

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