Have you considered building a custom unit development?

When it comes to the home of your dreams, you should never settle – unless it’s settling in a house that meets your requirements!

Even if the property won’t be the site for your personal happily ever after and is for rental investment purposes, if you’re building a house in Perth from the ground up, why not ensure that you get what you’re after from the beginning? This will see you avoid many unforeseeable costs and serve to prevent unnecessary renovations in order to get what you truly want, or in an effort to increase the quality of life for tenancy retention.

Perhaps you’re worried about the immediate price point that comes with this flexibility? Some are ready to concede to a one-size-fits-most floorplan to curb the costs of their investment. Either way, your choices lie with 2 types of home builders: “volume” and “custom”. Volume builders offer perceived savings with standardised designs and optimising efficiency with trades and materials, while you may have heard the latter as “luxury” homebuilders. The term luxury may scare off the financially-conscious, and so we’ll step you through the benefits of investing in a custom home build.

Perks of having a custom-built home
Nothing fits better than something that has been tailor-made. It makes sense that the costs you invest into a custom-built home pave the path for a home that suits all your requirements, provided they are feasible with the chosen location and council restrictions. Additionally, the word ‘custom’ applies equally to finances – the proposed build should also meet your budget.

At Persona Homes, we will work directly with you and liaise with all necessary parties making sure we hand you the keys to the best possible result, ensuring both clever design and everything on your wish-list. At all stages of the process, you as the owner will be able to provide input and be massively involved in the process of realising your dream development.

Maximising your block
Did you know that you could minimise costs while maximising your block during the property development process? Any great designer would be able to pinpoint which areas of the build costs less, and they can safely push towards the legal limits of planning regulations. Working with the natural landscape can eliminate extra landscaping costs, such as keeping mature greenery. The result? A generous floorplan that takes full advantage of the location and unique block contour, all within the legal boundaries for the lowest price possible.

If you’re considering building a double storey or duplex, a compromised, cramped or sloping block are barriers that can be overcome when it comes to a top property development company. In fact, you will be rewarded with a unique construction with street appeal, and perhaps be poised on a unique elevation that will leave you a cut above your neighbours.

The downside of a volume build
With a volume build, although there are perceived savings with their set selection of floorplans, it cannot be guaranteed that it would be suitable for the block of land in question. A standardised floorplan is still subject to the same council limitations as a customised one, and therefore you can still be liable to pay thousands in modification fees or future renovations. This is all in order to clear the first fundamental step of harmonising with the location, which is a simple no-brainer if you had a custom build to start with.

Reaping what you sow
In a custom-built home, savings can also be embedded into the home itself, as you will have the freedom to build with a low maintenance lifestyle in mind. Other immediate investments will fare you well in the long-run, such as appliances and materials that do well with age and are cost-efficient.

In your home owner builder checklist, make sure to build with your realistic lifestyle in mind instead of being too distracted by aesthetics. Who said you had to have the same number and ratios of bedrooms and bathrooms, or will you realistically use an extra living room? By eliminating spaces that are less-likely to be used, your budget can instead be allocated towards giving your essential rooms the wow factor.

When it comes to investment properties, your new home inclusions checklist should ensure a set-up that factors in ease of living for potential tenants. When it comes to housemates and the age of AirBnb, homes with an extra private bathroom can be more easily rented out. A custom floorplan can therefore maximise privacy.

When owners opt for a custom-built home, they’re ultimately after the end result to make their investment worthwhile. Our goal at Persona Homes is to make the journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible on the way to that shiny, brand-new destination. Every home, like their owners and location, is unique and is undertaken with mutual excitement.