With anywhere between 13,000 to 14,000 properties for sale in the Perth metropolitan area, there is no shortage of choice, so why do some people prefer to build a new home rather than buy a “used” home?

There are many reasons for new over old, but the two obvious ones are –
The home is brand new and comes with warranties and guarantees.
There is no need to compromise on style, design and colours.

With this in mind, why do some choose a project (pre-designed) home while others prefer to “custom” build?

The answer to this is the “popular belief” that a pre-designed home is cheaper and as a result, the ones who choose this option don’t really save any money and end up compromising on the design – which ironically, is one of the key reasons they choose to build in the first place.

However, those who choose a custom builder enjoy just some of the following benefits –

The design is exactly what they want – no compromising.
The design is based on their budget.
The specifications are as per their requirements.
Custom builders generally have greater quality control due to their Site Supervisors managing a smaller number of projects at any given time.
Custom builders allow flexibility during construction and will allow changes to be made while project builders have strict policies in relation to “post contract” variations.
Due to the lack of internal politics and a complex hierarchy, custom builders are easier to communicate with and the company owners and management are always willing to speak with or meet with the customer.

And most importantly, they know that they can enjoy all of the above without having to pay more.

Why wouldn’t you choose a custom home builder?