Before you undertake the exciting journey of building your custom home, you need to consider the suitability of the land you are planning to build upon. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to spot these deal breakers, and so it cannot emphasised enough how critical it is to organise a land inspection before you purchase. This is a small price compared to the greater tragedy of building the perfect home, only to witness your dream physically crumble before your eyes.

Pros and cons of building fixtures such as a pool
The obvious drawcard is the convenience and privacy your own amenities bring, allowing you to make the most out of quality time. Your home will be encompassed in sentiment inside and out, emotionally tying the family to the space. Additionally, if your family decides to move on, below-ground pools may add value to the resale of the property. While an above-ground pool promises flexibility, they do not add value to your property while still promising the same amount of maintenance.

Aside from maintenance, other drawbacks for having a pool include the obvious yard space required, and safety hazards. By understanding some of the child-safety risks involved, you can make savvy decisions to enhance the following well-established precautions.

Child safety standards
Nearly 300 children drown per year, a number that ideally should be zero. We all must administer everything within our power, whether it be modifying our behaviour or the landscape, to prevent your household becoming another statistic.

In some cases, a fence around the pool was not enough – consider how a child sees a fence: they don’t view them as a sign to remain outside, instead they see something to climb over. Not only should you opt for a higher fence, but you should further tailor your property layout to keep bins, trampolines and other potential bolsters inaccessible to children. Make sure that the lock in the fence itself is at least 1.5m above the ground, and that any keys you may use are kept well out of your children’s reach. Children have been known to not only climb over fences, but to also climb up and grab keys on an accessible rack.

All this being said, a lack – or even a lapse – of supervision has been the prime common thread in all backyard drownings. Therefore, your custom design ought to ensure a way for adults to supervise at all times without being distracted. All it takes is a 20 second lapse of attention, so by dedicating an area by the pool as a viewing lounge, parents can really settle in and stay put while watching the little one’s swim. You can use design to promote safety!

Backyard use vs surrounding amenities
Are there parks nearby your home? You can forego the need for the traditional backyard lawn and spend some time at the expansive, boundless parks, which promotes a nice stroll along with a breath of fresh air. This will free up backyard space for a pool. Likewise, if you live close to a recreational centre or local swimming pool, or live minutes from the beach, you need to realistically consider how much use your backyard pool will likely see.

A private basketball court may look great, but is it worth sacrificing space that could have been allocated towards your interior when there is a basketball court down the road? This is why great design is done in advance, after digesting all the necessary information and context. The perfect backyard conditions for building your own amenities will be negligible if nobody ends up using them. Hence, the results from your land inspection must be used in conjunction with the greater surrounds of your chosen location.

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